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Best bars in Shoreditch

The streets of Shoreditch are a bustling labyrinth of illusive personalities. Better yet, they’re crammed with some of the most picturesque and alternative bars that London has to offer. Seriously, if you want to swap your typical tourist activities for themed cocktails in utterly unique venues, Shoreditch is the place to do it. There’s something for everyone, any day of the week.


1) Trapeze

Trapeze bar in Shoreditch

£ Bargain
Theme: Circus
Closest Tube: Old Street
Happy hour: Mon-Wed 4-10pm // Thu-Sat 4-8pm
Occasion: Perfect for after work drinks, easily carried on into the night

Trapeze is a spontaneous circus themed bar renowned for it’s energy and contagious atmosphere. Situated just five minutes from Old Street Station, Trapeze is spread across three floors with the ground floor boasting of elaborate booths with a disco ball and trapezes literally hanging from the ceiling. Head upstairs to the mezzanine for somewhere a little more private or head on down to the Basement Bar to keep the drinks flowing.

Their cocktails are bursting with flavour so you’ll enjoy generous portions and copious amounts of haribo toppings! Trapeze is made for happy hour which sees £5 cocktails, £15 bottles of wine and £15 bottles of bubbly. Even their Showstopper Sharer cocktails go down in price which are recommended for parties of 6-8 and come in the most obscure circus containers! This one’s definitely up there as one of the best bars in Shoreditch!

TIP: The Lemon Sherbert is a must have if you like fruity flavoured cocktails!

Cocktails in a one of the best bars in Shoreditch

Lemon Sherbert & Would I Lychee to You

A sharing cocktail in a one of the best bars in Shoreditch

Showstopper Sharer

2) Boxpark

Boxpark one of the best bars in Shoreditch

££ Affordable
Theme: Contemporary rebellion
Closest Tube: Shoreditch High Street
Occasion: Summer terrace drinks, takeover events

Fashion and lifestyle shopping by day, fresh and vibrant music by night. Boxpark Shoreditch is made of artfully positioned shipping containers making it the first thing you’ll see when stepping out of Shoreditch High Street Station. If you like a streak of rebellion, Boxpark’s the place for you. I mean, their motto is Eat. Drink. Play.

Boxpark’s bars are located on the terraced upper deck, the ideal place to sit and watch the wonders of Shoreditch in the Summer. The best news? Boxpark Shoreditch now has a fully functional events, dining and drinks space; BeatBox, which as a result has made it as one of the best bars in ShoreditchThis is the ideal place for after work drinks and if you’re looking for a takeover event.


3) Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe best bars in shoreditch

£9 cocktails
Theme: 90’s nostalgia
Closest Tube: Shoreditch High Street
Occasion: Late night nostalgic drinks, first date vibes

For those of you who have heard of Cereal Killer, you’re probably thinking… how exactly does this fit the bar criteria? Cue their brand new cereal inspired cocktail menu and late opening hours from Thursday – Saturday nights!

Nostalgia and drinking go together like milk and cereal. But have you tried drinking in a 90’s themed establishment? Cereal Killer Cafe in Brick Lane is the ultimate experience for 90’s kids where it’s literally breakfast all day everyday. Think Care Bears, the Flintstones, and Blockbuster Video!

Choose from drinks like ‘Fat Tony’s Float’ (amaretto, coke, frosties cereal milk ice cream) which has a vegan version and the Aye Aye Capn Crunch’ (Captain Morgan, spicy cherry soda, Capn Crunch rim). What’s more, you literally sit on beds as you indulge in one of the best bars in Shoreditch.

This is definitely one for the Polaroid kids!


4) Cirque

Cirque best bars in Shoreditch

£ Bargain
Theme: Circus
Closest Tube: Old Street
Happy hour: 4pm-8pm
Occasion: Something quirky, date night

Tucked away next to Old Street Station is Cirque, a cosy bar full of circus memorabilia like tribal masks and a zebra-unicorn hybrid! Trust me, this one’s a hidden gem which is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look!

Spread across two floors, when this place gets packed out head downstairs for a retro feel where Rubix Cube stools await and resident DJ’s fill the room with quirky vibes. If you’re looking for something sweet, cocktails like Aviation, Bramble, Zombie, Happy Buddha really do the trick. Otherwise, it’s 4 beers for £10 in happy hour! What’s not to like?


5) Dinerama

Dinerama best bars in Shoreditch

£££ Slightly pricey
Theme: Street Food
Closest Tube: Shoreditch High Street
Occasion: Pardy with a D, Summer cocktails

Dinerama quite literally has something for everyone. This place is the resident street food hang out, with copious amounts of bars serving different drinks across two floors. Free entry until 7pm, Dinerama is most usually packed out so I’d suggest getting here early if you fancy a seat. Otherwise it’s off to the Big Bar £10 pint mojitos.

Wine fan? Check out Winerama upstairs, or the seasonal bar where they serve toffee vodka shots in the Winter and Tiki themes cocktails in the Summer! If you want something a little different, the ground floor is home to ‘German Sex Dungeon’ a crazy bar selling aesthetically pleasing cans, not to mention the blow up Obama sex doll hanging from above.


Anywhere to add? Comment if you’ve got a favourite drinking hole in Shoreditch!


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